INDSR commented T.Radar Pro: “Low-price, light-weight and mass deployable, complying the three key factors for asymmetric warfare.”
Press Release
Apr 28, 2022

On 2022/4/20-, Taiwan’s highest-ranked General Huoh Shoou-Yeh (霍守業),  also ex Chief of the General Staff, brought his officers in the Institute for National Defense & Security Research (INDSR) and the Ministry of National Defense to Tron Future Tech office. For the first time, Tron Future Tech opens up our best-in-class AESA design flow and assembly/testing lines to guests. During the visit, we also presented a live demo/blind tests of T.Radar Pro spoting and trackings DJI drones following blind paths relentlessly.

After the visit, INDSR described T.Radar Pro in their social media: “Low price, light weight and mass deployment are the three key indicators for asymmetric warfare.” Tron Future Tech thrives to be a key member for global workforce around asymmetric warfare after the 2022 Russia-Ukraine War.