Drone Surveillance

The widespread popularity of UAV creates new security threats and flight safety concerns. The search of UAV cannot be achieved by video camera due to the long surveillance range (from few hundred meters to few kilometers) and weather vulnerability. UAV can neither be easily found by conventional surface search radar, due to the UAV’s RCS is much smaller than its background reflections at the same distance. Tron Future Tech Inc. invented effective 3D surveillance phased array radar solutions at an affordable cost to help our valued customers search for UAV invasions.


T.Radar Pro – DM for PC


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Space Technology

Conventional satellite use high gain dish antenna to steer its communication direction and radar scanning direction. To change the direction of the antenna, electronic motor is used to rotate the antenna. Due to Newton’s third law of motion, such motion will creates a reaction in the satellite’s motion itself as a side-effect. Precise positional control is thus required to further adjust the reaction.

Phased array antenna removes the requirement of electronic motor and its side effect. Tron Future Tech Inc. has actively participated in Taiwan’s National Space Program by providing their ultrathin phased array in satellite-to-ground communication transceivers and synthetic aperture radars. We improve our existing solutions to Rad Hard and to survive strong mechanical vibrations during rocket launching process.

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Electronics Warfare

Tron Future Tech Inc. has long history on radar ESM, ECM, ECCM. To make our systems very flexible and responsive, we have create world’s smallest all-digital phased array. All digital systems allow waveform manipulations and samplings at each antenna with large bandwidth and great flexibility. This release the full prowess of phased array.


Maritime radar are typically limited to 2D surveillance kind. Tron Future Tech Inc. provides mid-range and long-range maritime all-digital phased array 2D and 3D surveillance radars for our value customers. Digital nature allows higher imaging resolution, while 3D surveillance enables the radar to identify more information from necessarily noises. This directly leads to business advantages for our value customers over their competitors. Please contact us for product information.

Other Industries

Tron Future Tech Inc. constantly looks for new applications in unattended industries. If you have outdoor surveillance needs, and there is no solution that fit your needs, Please contact Tron Future Tech Inc. for discussions. Our experts will help you evaluate your problems and invent new technologies for your domain problems if necessary.

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